The Combi Dry

Drying is not only the most antique and healthy natural preservation method but is also the most economical and environmentally friendly technique.
Drying is a valid alternative to pasteurizing, since it allows you to stock a supply of fruit, pasta, mushrooms, legumes, vegetables and dried herbs while maintaining their perfect taste and nutritive values.
With the Combistar FX combi-oven, the drying process becomes easy and profitable: use the drying function during the night to transform your top quality raw materials into special four-season ingredients for your special meals.

Chicken and Combistar FX
Unique intensive cooking of poultry.
The Combistar combi-oven for cooking poultry reduces weight loss (from 40-45% of traditional ovens to 25-30%) and cooking time (by 25-30 minutes). This greatly improves profits, labor costs, energy consumption, succulence and the final weight of roasted poultry. Thanks to its automatic management of the cooking clime, via the combi AOC and DCR systems, the quality of the product improves automatically and easily.

Vacuum Cooking with the Combi-Oven
Vacuum cooking is not only a valuable ally for food storage but also a good cooking option provided by COMBISTAR FX and its accessory, KSFMS. The external core probe manages the core temperature, thus ensuring excellent results for high quality food. For this reason, COMBISTAR FX (Lev3) provides a wide range of stored vacuum cooking processes to make vacuum cooking easier. Vacuum cooking is a clever way to make profits while saving.

Low-Temperature Cooking
The Combistar FX combi-oven easily adapts to all cooking needs while increasing savings:

  • 20% less time spent in the kitchen
  • 60% less energy compared to traditional cooking


Furthermore, it reduces energy consumption and energy costs. Combistar FX has been optimized to reduce weight loss, which ensures profitable cooking automatically (with approximately 10% weight loss). Low-Temperature cooking and Delta T cooking improve food tenderness, flavor and overall quality: with Combistar FX, gastronomic quality and profitability go hand in hand.