Hospital catering

Combistar FX combi oven is particularly suitable for producing healthy low fat meals or special diets for patients, visitors and employees.

Thanks to Combistar FX, you will be able to cook manually or program all meal courses with efficiency and reliability. Pastries and bread, pasta and rice, chicken and vegetables… all with a single touch. The Combistar FX combi-oven reduces costs and reduces time management to a minimum, thus maintaining the highest standard of quality and taste. With its 100% automatic washing, at the end of the day, the operator only needs to simply push a button without coming into contact with detergent.

It generates no waste thanks to the LCS technical solution: when the roll-in rack is not used, the LCS avoids useless heat and steam discharge from the door.


Gentle and low-fat cooking
It is eco-friendly: 10% lower energy costs compared to other ovens in the same category
Food safety with HACCP control
High production capacity
Fully loaded: 12 sheet pan capacity vs. 10 of standard ovens