Grocery stores ovens

The best take away service for grocery stores and supermarkets and the best accuracy on recipes thanks to Combistar FX, which uses a combination of convection, steam or a combination of both to cook your product to perfection.

Combistar Fx is irreplaceable for the intensive cooking of poultry: when cooking of chickens it reduces the weight loss (from 40-45% of traditional ovens to 25-30%) and cooking time (by 25-30 minutes). Combistar FX reduces the cost of labor thanks to a personalized menu and a Favourites function

The front frame of the combi-oven can also be personalized with the logo/signature of your supermarket chain.


It is self-cleaning and saves time and energy: 10% lower energy costs compared to other ovens in the same category.
It is simple and easy to use thanks to the high-definition user-friendly panel and the handle that allows it to be opened with busy hands
Food safety with HACCP control
High production capacity
Make money from the first day of use thanks to low service costs and a cost-effective performance
Fully loaded: 12 sheet pan capacity vs. 10 of standard ovens