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Banquet Centers ovens

Combistar FX combi oven ensures profitable mass production of high-quality meals in a short time.

It can satisfy guests with a quick service, great flavors and a fantastic presentation. Regenerating and cooking any kind of food is always easy and cost-effective: the FX combi steamer is a “cooking system” designed to improve professional work whether for a banquet or for cooking daily meals.

It generates no waste thanks to the LCS technical solution: when the roll-in rack is not used, the LCS avoids useless heat and steam discharge from the door.


Food safety with HACCP control
High production capacity
It is self-cleaning and saves time and energy: 10% lower energy costs compared to other ovens in the same category.
The Cook and Hold option ensures the highest standard of quality and taste
Make money from the first day of use thanks to low service costs and a cost-effective performance
Best result for the regeneration of food
Fully loaded: 12 sheet pan capacity vs. 10 of standard ovens