Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts ovens

Thanks to Combi Oven FX, you can cook new and traditional courses, combine creativity, improve your cooking performance and surprise your guests with the fantastic flavor of smoked and pasteurized meals.

The quality of your dishes will be enhanced, therefore less time and energy will be required to achieve spectacular results: roasting, grilling, steaming, cooking lasagne and desserts, with a simple touch.


It is simple and easy to use thanks to the high-definition user-friendly panel and the handle that allows it to be opened with busy hands
It is flexible and versatile, thus increasing culinary creativity
It is self-cleaning and saves time and energy: 10% lower energy costs compared to other ovens in the same category
The Cook and Hold option ensures the highest standard of quality and taste
Make money from the first day of use thanks to low service costs and a cost-effective performance
Fully loaded: 8 sheet pan capacity vs. 7 of standard ovens