combicare be1


COMBISTAR™ and BE-1 System.

The right solution for your business.

combi-ovenCOMBISTAR™ combi oven can be utilized for every cooking technique.
Whenever flexibility, speed, food quality, and savings are needed, the Combistar™ combi oven is the perfect option. COMBISTAR™ is an irreplaceable ally in the kitchen.

accessoriesACCESSORIES provide additional versatility.
Further unlock your creativity by utilizing a smoker, a pasteurization kit, or the assortment of grids and frying containers that are available to be used with COMBISTAR™ combi oven.
BE-1 allows you to manage two units through a single interface.

Go from -40°F to +570°F with a single touch in this innovative, integrated Cook&Chill system that has the multi-functionality of Combistar™ combi oven, combined with the versatility of the blast chiller/freezer Blitz.
Blast Chiller/Freezer with multifuctional control panel BLITZ

All the functions a chef needs in a single blast chiller/ freezer: Blitz offers chilling or freezing programs and intelligently varies ventilation and refrigeration to adapt to any kind of food.