Combi ovens and blast chillers.

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combi-ovenCombistar FX by Angelo Po is an irreplaceable ally in the kitchen that meets any requirement.
Whenever flexibility, speed, food quality and savings are needed, the Combistar FX combi oven provides the perfect solution. 
From -40°F to +570°F with a single touch

BE-1 is the integrated Cook & Chill system that allows you to manage, with a single interface, the combination oven Combistar FX Level 3 and the blast chiller/freezer Blitz.
Multifunction Blast Chiller/Freezer, “a chefs best friend in the kitchen”!

All funcion a chef needs in a single blast chiller/ freezer: Blitz offers chilling or freezing programs, probe detection mode, yogurt box, anisakis, opistorkis, tawing, vacuum...