Poultry Rosting Oven Combistar FX

Irreplaceable intensive cooking of poultry

Reduces weight loss and cooking time

The Combistar combination oven for cooking poultry reduces weight loss (from 40-45% of traditional ovens to 25-30%) and cooking time is reduced by 25-30 minutes. This greatly enhances profits and the succulence and final weight of the roasted poultry. Thanks to its AUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT OF THE COOKING CLIMA, by the Combistar AOC and DCR systems, the quality of the product automatically and easily improves.

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Commercial Rotisserie oven

With Combistar FX culinary specialities are made easier and quicker.

With the Combistar FX you can cook anything you desire automatically and then allow the Combistar FX to wash itself, managing a complete menu without any problems, hassle or waste. Intelligent cooking to make money while saving: only 10% weight loss. Combistar FX adapts easily to all the cooking needs SAVING MORE:

  • 20% less time expended into the kitchen
  • 60% less energy, compared to traditional cooking.

Furthermore, it reduces energy consumption and energy costs. LOW TEMPERATURE COOKING AND DELTA T COOKING improve food tenderness, flavour and overall quality. WITH COMBISTAR FX THE GASTRONOMIC QUALITY AND PROFITABILITY GO HAND IN HAND.

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Cooking meat in a rotisserie

Angelo Po America with its network gives a global service for all the professional kitchens

Angelo Po America Inc. is part of the Angelo Po G.C., a global company founded in 1922, with the ownership always in the hands of the Po family, who has been developping professional ovens and commercial kitchen equipments for more than ninety years. Our mission is to provide the Combistar FX commercial combi oven, with its superior quality, efficiency, reliability and profitability, as the ultimate solution of all the American professionals who want to improve. Angelo Po America with its network gives a global service for all the USA commercial kitchens, always supporting the operators who have choosen our kitchen equipment, by a worldwide network of authorized technical centres, for a prompt and efficient service

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