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Combistar FX combi oven is the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels and resorts

With Combistar FX oven for restaurant producing a complete menu will be easier and more profitable.

Thanks to the Combistar FX oven you will be able to cook new and traditional courses. Combining imagination with a new level of cooking performance. The quality and pleasure of the cooking process will be enhanced, resulting in less time and energy to achieve desired results.

Angelo Po America is your food service partner for any restaurants installation.

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Real recipes with photos, all on display!

Among the EASY-STAR functions, Combistar FX oven for restaurant provides operating support for professional restaurant managers via detailed film clips and written illustrated recipes, with ingredients and photos of all courses. Combistar FX goes much further than the traditional cooking process, through the offering of a complete range of recipes to be used with the oven and allowing it to memorize and customize new program recipes. COMBISTAR FX MAKES EVERYTHING EASY, EVEN YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED RECIPES.

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With Combistar FX culinary specialities are made easier and quicker.

With Combistar FX oven, you can cook anything you desire automatically. Combistar FX will then wash itself. It manages a complete menu for a restaurant without any problems, hassle or waste. Intelligent cooking to make money while saving: only 10% weight loss. Combistar FX adapts easily to all the cooking needs SAVING MORE:

  • 20% less time expended into the kitchen
  • 60% less energy, compared to traditional cooking.

Furthermore, it reduces energy consumption and energy costs. LOW TEMPERATURE COOKING AND DELTA T COOKING improve food tenderness, flavour and overall quality. WITH COMBISTAR FX THE GASTRONOMIC QUALITY AND PROFITABILITY GO HAND IN HAND.

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Combistar oven for restaurants