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Angelo Po America Inc. is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company.

With 94 years of innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing expertise in professional cooking equipment, the Angelo Po brand name being synonymous with quality workmanship, durability and value; has earned unprecedented global respect and brand loyalty; and is widely recognized as the brand of choice among professional chefs and restaurateurs worldwide.

The product range consist in 6 models of combi oven branded Combistar FX and 2 ranges of blast chillers: top version BE-1 system, to be used in symbiosis with the oven, and Blitz blast chiller/freezer.

Combistar ovens

Angelo Po designs reliable and efficient tools for the professional caterer using the most advance technologies available.

Integrated with innovative cooking system to ensure maximum flexibility and control, allowing the Chef to express their talent without compromising creativity. The professionalism of Angelo Po is expressed by providing a truly global service, available to professionals who are looking for a true partner in their business to ensure continued assistance and service reliability.

For more than ninety years Angelo Po have been developing commercial catering equipment

We offer innovative and cost effective cooking solutions to the professional caterer. Named after it’s founder Angelo Po, which began in 1922 in a workshop in Italy an entrepreneurial story that today is an industry-leading global brand exporting Italian taste worldwide.

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Combistar FX