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With Combistar FX combi oven combining great quality and quantity is less complicated and more profitable.

You will always cook precise and productive menus, regardless of the implemented system. Satisfy any palate with a quick service, great flavor and fantastic presentation.

With Combistar FX combination oven, producing different courses or special diets will become easy and safe. Thanks to the Combistar FX catering oven, you will be able to cook manually or use customized programs with efficiency and reliability. You will reduce the costs and keep time management to the minimum, without compromising quality or taste.

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Combistar FX combi oven ensures profitable mass production of high-quality meals in a short time.

It can satisfy guests with a quick service, great flavors and a fantastic presentation. Regenerating and cooking any kind of food is always easy and cost-effective: the FX combi steamer is a “cooking system” designed to improve professional work whether for catering or a banquet or for cooking daily meals.

It generates no waste thanks to the LCS technical solution: when the roll-in rack is not used, the LCS avoids useless heat and steam discharge from the door.

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All the advantages for catering and banquet centers:

  • It is self-cleaning and saves time and energy: 10% lower energy costs compared to other ovens in the same category.
  • Food safety with HACCP control and High production capacity
  • Best result for the regeneration of food
  • Fully loaded: 12 sheet pan capacity vs. 10 of standard ovens

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