Multi functions

Combistar FX is the smarter manager of simultaneous cooking.

  • Multicooking function of the combi oven FX allows accuracy and flexibility of cooking without errors. It allows an easy and stress-free simultaneous and automatic management of 20 different cooking times, (e.g. One time for each tray or level). Multicooking function can be set manually or by program.
  • The innovative Multieasy function allows the user to carry out simultaneously compatible options. this means: flexibility and speed in meal production, for higher performing and more profitable service, while utilizing FX to the utmost with full capacity cooking, for a quicker return on investment. The process is easy, just select a “cooking type” such as roasting, frying, regeneration, brazing, grilling or steaming, then Combistar FX suggests which cooking can be performed simultaneously such as: aubergine, zucchinis, peppers, ... (Cooking type Grilling). At this point, the operator only needs to select what cooking he wants to carry out simultaneously and then the FX takes care of the rest

Combistar FX doubles the products for accurate cooking.

Combistar FX can give you double quality and accuracy of cooking with a core probe, ensuring the certainty of your desired result, thanks to the ability to simultaneously use two cooking core probes. The standard core probe features the five point multi-sensor technology, with the innovative progressive density geometry PDP, to always have a precise control of the core temperature and never allow for mistakes with small, medium and or large size food products. with the innovative accessory KPCM (core suspender) you can use the precision of the PDP core probe whilst cooking liquid or soft food.