Blitz, a complete range of multifunction blast chillers and freezer

“a chef best friend in the kitchen”

The main types of chilling - freezing, via time and/or probe detection mode: soft +37.4°F /+3°C, hard 37.4°F /+3°C and soft -0.4°F/-18°C, hard -0.4°F/-18°C, fully customizable.

  • The I.F.R. (Intelligent Food Recognition) patented system with multipoint probe, modulates ventilation and refrigeration in smart mode to adapt to any type of food. Extreme quality.
  • Smart on, just insert the product and, after a few seconds, chilling, soft +37.4°F /+3°C, starts by itself, without having to activate from the control panel, keeping food safe with or without a probe. Never seen before !
  • Multy, for the loading of 5 to 20 timers, with the option of probe-reading to follow the rhythms of the kitchen, assigning each food its own time! 
  • Automatic , with selection of the load - minimum, medium, maximum -, created by master Chefs for any type of food (fish, meat, pasta, cakes, ice cream ...) via time and/or detection probe mode.

Cooling, Sanitation, Defrost, Yogurt, Banqueting, Anisakis, Opistorkis, Leavening , Banqueting, Vacuum, Thawing, Storage and much more.